Special Projects


The range of our special projects include Repair/Retrofit, Transportation, Vertical Elements and Water Tank.

AMSYSCO can provide repair material for existing post-tensioned concrete structures. External post-tensioning can strengthen existing concrete structures that require additional loads.



Project Name: Buford Ave. Pavement Reconstruction
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contractor: Graham Construction
PT Quantity:  <10,000 feet (0.6″)
Facts:  The project involved replacing a conventional reinforced concrete pavement with a post-tensioned concrete pavement for the University of Minnesota.  The post-tensioned section was 102 feet long by roughly 32 feet wide and was cast on top of an underground building.

Post-tensioning can reduce concrete member sizes in roads and bridges.  Additionally, Post-Tensioned concrete can reduce maintenance and repair cost as compared to those with asphalt.

Picture provided by URS

Picture provided by URS


Project Name: Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC)
Location: Camp Ripley, MN
Contractor: Donlar Construction
PT Quantity:  <10,000 feet
Facts:  This unique post-tensioned concrete slab-on-ground was constructed for the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs in Camp Ripley.  EVOC is a 60,000 sq. ft. “skid pan” which is made slippery so that vehicle drivers can practice controlling skids.  The project was the winner of the PTI 2013 Award for the Slab-On-Ground category.



Project Name: STSS Pedestrian Bridge
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contractor: McGough Construction
PT Quantity:  <30,000 feet
Facts:  The unbonded post-tensioned bridge links the University of Minnesota’s Science Teaching & Student Services with the rest of the campus.  The pedestrian bridge has foot traffic of 25,000 students per day (2012).

Post-Tensioning can provide unique solutions within vertical elements such as shear walls. Additionally, Post-Tensioning tendons can be used in lifting heavy loads.

The use of Unbonded Post-Tensioning can be used in the walls and lid of water tanks. PT offers a high-level of structural integrity and flexibility for underground containment structures.

Foundation PlanRoof Plan


Project Name: Water Storage Ground Reservior
Location: Prairie Chien, WI
Contractor: Wapasha Construction
PT Quantity:  <30,000 feet
Facts:  This project used encapsulated post-tensioning to reinforce the base and the lid of the water storage tank.  The foundation (base) used uniformly-distributed tendons while the roof (lid) used banded and uniform tendons in a flat-plate slab.

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