The range of our slab-on-ground projects include Industrial Warehouse, Single-Family Housing and Tennis Courts.

Unbonded Post-Tensioning can be installed in industrial warehouse concrete slabs. The benefit is larger pours which eliminates concrete curling at joints.

Unbonded Post-Tensioning structural slabs deliver a cost-efficient solution to single-family homes on expansive soils. Post-Tension slab-on-ground and foundation applications provide reliability to builders and homeowners.

Unbonded Post-Tension can be utilized in tennis courts in lieu of asphalt courts. American Sports Builders Association recommends Post-Tensioned concrete for concrete courts, as it eliminates the need for expansion joints and minimizes cracking.

Francis Howell Tennis Courts

Francis Howell Tennis Courts


Project Name: Francis Howell High School Tennis Courts
Location: St. Louis, MO
Contractor: Vee-Jay Cement
PT Quantity:  75,000 feet
Facts:  Encapsulated Post-Tensioned was used for 7 tennis courts in lieu of asphalt courts.  Intersectional chairs were used to support the uniformly-spaced post-tensioning tendons.


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