Commercial Buildings


The range of our commercial projects include Casinos, Hotels, Mixed-Use Buildings and Offices.

Post-Tensioning can provide an efficient design solution for venues with heavy-loading. The minimized floor deflections and open floor layout will offer patrons a better experience.

Project Name: Pinnacle Casino (Casino Barge & Lumiere Hotel)
Location: St. Louis, MO
Contractor: McCarthy Construction
PT Quantity: 1.7 million feet
Facts: The 75,000 square-foot casino portion is floating on water (like a boat in a moat) due to gaming/casino regulations. The 19-story hotel has roughly 200 rooms and 1,400 parking spaces.

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HOTELPost-Tensioning has be used in a variety of hotel structures due to its ability to reduce floor-to-floor height and room volume. This lessens the energy required to vertically transport liquids, gases and cooled air.

Project Name: Milwaukee Theatre District
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Contractor: Findorff Construction
PT Quantity: 1.5 million feet
Facts: The project consisted of a hotel, an office building and an underground parking garage – all of which used a cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete frame.

Project Name: Renaissance Hotel & Schaumburg Convention Center
Location: Schaumburg, IL
Contractor: Walsh Construction
PT Quantity: 525,000 feet
Facts: The 17-story hotel holds 500 guest rooms, an indoor pool and several restaurants. A flat-plate post-tensioned system was used in the hotel structure. The rooms surround the great atrium.

Mixed-Use developments can benefit from the flexibility of Post-Tensioned concrete. The potential of increased spans, enhanced deflection controls and lower maintenance costs are all advantages of Post-Tensioning systems.

OFFICEPost-Tensioned concrete can help reduce slab thickness and floor-to-floor heights compared to other structural systems. Accordingly, the reduced building volume and height will reduce operational and energy costs.

Project Name: Argonne National Laboratory
Location: Argonne, IL
Contractor: Perini Construction
PT Quantity: 850,000 feet
Facts: The high-profile project had an office designed in structural steel and a auditorium in conventional rebar. The bid documents allowed for an alternate structural framing system. AMSYSCO teamed up with Perini in a successful bid using PT in both office and auditorium. The shear wall and elevator shaft had to be designed to withstand a nuclear blast. PT was also in the mat footing under this elevator shaft.

Project Name: Epic Systems Campus
Location: Verona, WI
Contractor: J.H. Findorff & Sons Inc.
PT Quantity: 1.20 million feet
Facts: The office campus consists of an underground garage and five low-rise office buildings. The garage is 600,000 square-foot and each office building is roughly 100,000 square-foot. A man-made stream flows in the courtyard over the top of the underground garage.

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Project Name: J.E. Dunn Headquarters
Location: Kansas City, MO
Contractor: J.E. Dunn Construction
PT Quantity: 120,000 feet
Facts: The 204,000 square-foot structure is the headquarters for one of the largest construction contractors in the U.S. The building is designed and constructed for LEED™ Gold Certification.


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