Sweeping beam tendons into the slab

Occassionally, the field will encounter a condition where the post-tensioned beam’s CGS (center of gravity of steel) requires several PT beams be installed in the slab. In other words, some PT anchors will not be installed within the web of the beam, but in the flange of the beam.

Below are several pictures showing how these tendons can be installed at the jobsite.

Beam tendons sweeping out of beam

Beam tendons swept into slab

Beam tendons swept into slab at Anchors

It is recommended to add some #3 hairpins where the tendons curve to prevent blowouts in the concrete. Without hairpins, the tendon may “slice” through the concrete during the stressing operations. The tendon has a natural tendency to straighten out during the stressing operations.

– Neel Khosa, Vice President
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